DrinkCoin vs. Existing Cryptocurrencies

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How is DrinkCoin Different from Other Cryptos?

There are Bitcoin purists like Max Keiser who believe a cryptocurrency is only good if it's the original, the "real McCoy"... And yet, Bitcoin itself is evolving due to security issues, forking and pseudo-fraudulent knock-offs racing into the market like a digital Gold Rush.

While many of us appreciate the incredible contribution of Satoshi Nakamoto (whoever the Heck he, she or they are - maybe IT? First attempt of AI to take over the world?) and other pioneers of cryptocurrency, we also know that they are not all created equally. At the time of writing this, there are around 1400 different currencies vying for supremacy. You can argue all day over which ones will go up, down or sideways. If you ask 5 "experts", you might get 10 different answers. However, we can all agree on one thing...

The development of blockchain, the concept of decentralized currency and distributed ledger technology are nothing short of REVOLUTIONARY. They are here to stay and they will change the very fabric of the way future societies trade, invest and save currency.

Many of these digital currencies also have faced (and will continue to encounter) incredible obstacles. Not least of which, is the treacherous gauntlet being constructed by regulators like the SEC, bean counters at the IRS and bankers (central and commercial) who are competing for control of currency creation and distribution.

Simplifying Real World Crypto Use

What if we simplify everything for a second? We at DrinkCoin recognize the brilliance and long-term vision of the crypto movement. However, we also want to build bridges between existing financial infrastructure and real world functionality of digital currencies. More specifically, our CEO/Founder Andy Bennett, aka ME asked a simple question: "Why can't I use digital currency to easily send drinks to my friends across the country (and eventually the world)?"

Sounds like a trivial concept perhaps, as compared to sound money, human freedom and their tendency to go hand-in-hand. However, much of what binds us smart monkeys together into the mesh of culture began with and continues to involve social drinking of our favorite poison: alcohol. My other startup Intox-Detox is a scientifically proven, all-natural hangover remedy that addresses one of the world's oldest problems: the negative after effects of that beloved yet often debilitating elixir. In my humble opinion, it's revolutionary in its own way, in that it helps social drinkers improve work-life balance and live life to the fullest without losing nearly as much time, energy and productivity to the dreaded hangover.

Without a few flagons of ale there would likely have been no American Revolution. Certainly no Boston Tea Party without barrels of rum. Imagine the next great revolution being planned instantly, virtually and remotely in a shared digital world that is fast, safe and secure. The film "How Beer Saved the World" surmises that society benefited from fermenting grain into ethanol. Take away the hangovers and give them smart phones loaded with DrinkCoin and just imagine what those Sumerians could have achieved!

The simple answer to my earlier question is that there currently is no safe, secure, instant, fast and fair way to do this. Is it sacrilegious to say that we can break some fundamental rules while playing along with others to achieve a simple goal that makes the world a better and more fun place in which to live and play?

I don't think so anyway. I wouldn't argue that cryptocurrency is revolutionary, or that it SHOULD replace the Central Banks' and Wall Street's stranglehold on currency creation. However, what is it all for if we do not develop use-cases to practically empower distributed ledgers to make life better?

Ready Drinker One?

By combining the DrinkCoin utility token with the fast, safe and fair Hedera Hashgraph platform, we can achieve some really freakin' cool things in the short and long-term.

Near-term, we can streamline and improve the bar and restaurant-going experience, allowing patrons to checkout more easily and share drinks and other goods remotely and instantly with friends both near and far. All the while, they can exchange text, pictures, videos, live chat and share experiences, via a social network (dare we say a "Facebook") just for bars.

With widespread adoption of DrinkCoin, establishments can increase sales by accepting orders from patrons who are thousands of miles away. They can also streamline their checkout process and make promo and gift cards a breeze.

Longer-term, we predict what amounts to a Ready Player One world where friends watch sports, play games and interact via social avatars in real time via augmented and virtual reality. 

Bottom Line: Crypto is here to stay. Hedera Hashgraph enables fast, safe and fair creation and sharing of digital worlds. DrinkCoin proposes combining the two to connect close friends over a few drinks, even when they are far from being close together.