Hedera Hashgraph + DrinkCoin Technology

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Hedera Hashgraph + DrinkCoin

Infinite Shared Digital Universes

Kind of like a "Virtual Facebook for Bars and Restaurants"

Imagine experiencing Movies, Karaoke, Live Sports, Poker, Beer Pong and other drinking games inside of a shared virtual world with friends anywhere in the country.

(And eventually the world)

 Fast, Secure and Fair

Create infinite shared digital worlds across cyber space

Up to 500,000 transactions per second

Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance Security

No double-spending or forking

Minimal energy requirements means it runs on a cell phone processor

And with ZERO servers required

 A Trip to a "Local" Bar Will NEVER Be the Same

For that matter, now you are a local at EVERY BAR,

even if you live 1000 miles away!

Chat, videos, pictures and in-app virtual gaming

Share drinks, food, and experiences with friends digitally, remotely and virtually

Lose a bet and buy your buddy a drink in real time,

even if he or she is on the opposite coast.

 Watching the Big Game Will NEVER Be the Same

Argue over that Super Bowl touchdown replay while viewing every angle with your friends in augmented/virtual reality inside the DrinkCoin app

Why not just play a game of VR football to decide who gets final bragging rights?

Anything is possible

Anywhere, Anytime

Everywhere, For Anyone

 Share Your Worlds


Send Drinks to Friends!


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