How DrinkCoin Works

Free Drinks Too Good to Be True?

Not really. Not if we all work together. Remember that time you were in the Starbucks drive thru line and the person in front of you paid for your coffee?

You're not a scumbag, so you paid it forward by paying for the next guy(s) or gal(s) beverage(s) too. Everyone wins, until someone breaks the chain. You might not believe in karma, but that person is probably going to catch a bird turd in the face one day. 

DrinkCoin is even COOLER. You decide who you want in your group. And yeah, we all have that annoying friend, so you can create as many mutually exclusive groups as you want. Like a group chat or text chain.

Only you can all send drinks, food, pics, videos, chats and more between the group, no matter where you are. Seven drinks with seven people in seven different bars? Bring it on. Four of you at Good Times at Davey Wayne's in Los Angeles and the other three in Vegas at O'Sheas. Easy Peesy.

Want to send a round of Fireballs, a classy bottle of champagne or the escargot appetizer. Cake walk.

Or maybe split the check remotely between bars or pay your friends check on his/her birthday before he/she gets the chance, from all the way across the country. DrinkCoin does that in its sleep.

Don't worry about the tech; we have awesome eggheads for that part. 

Oh and by the way, every time you send drinks, you earn more DrinkCoin. I have to incentivize you to use it and spread it. If you join us, it will rain DrinkCoins and drinks on you everywhere you go. Promise.

So, let's play the game and talk through a night out at a bar in your hometown...

A Typical DrinkCoin Night on the Town

A Rabbi, a Plumber and an Irishman walk into a bar... Wait, that's a different story.

For real though, you hit your local watering hole and you check in on Facebook. Your friend on the other coast of America sees this. He sends you an extra dirty martini because he knows that's your go-to first drink. In a perfect world, your local bar already does DrinkCoin. Bartender gets your credentials and credits their account while pouring the drink. You take your first sip of the salty, briny nail polish flavor -- no one said your buddy is splurging for top shelf!

(Oh yeah, btws, bartender, you're welcome. Collecting payment is now a breeze and you can focus on what you should be doing -- pouring more drinks, so you can make more tips, instead of closing out every other check, every other second. That's annoying to us "Keep it open" people too)

It's not a perfect world. Let's say your bar doesn't take DrinkCoin yet. Show them your phone and ask them if they like FREE MONEY. The bar will be rewarded with a crap ton of DrinkCoins on us for taking the 30 seconds to download the app onto a phone or POS system, after which they can keep the tokens to redistribute or cash them out to their merchant bank account. Not to mention, they just got a sale they would not have otherwise gotten, from a person who is not even there physically. Pretty frickin' cool in my humble opinion.

As for you, DrinkCoin apostle, you just helped us spread the word. So you will also be receiving some free DrinkCoin, you pioneer you. You're like the Lewis and Clark of the DrinkCoin Revolution.

When you get your drink, you will be prompted to share it on Facebook, Twitter and whatever newfangled Social Media network will be hot by tomorrow afternoon. Your post will prompt all viewers to download DrinkCoin. If they do download, guess what happens?

If you guessed "more of free DrinkCoin", you are CORRECT! Ding, Ding, Ding! Winner, ,winner, liquid dinner.

Don't forget, once they download the 100% TOTALLY FREE DrinkCoin app, they get a few bonus tokens, to which they can easily add a balance from their credit card, bank account, Paypal, Apple pay and hopefully various cryptocurrencies. Hey, money is money.

I'm also betting pretty hard that they will send you a drink. Ever bought someone a drink first out at the bar, knowing that they will buy you one back and then it will feel like you got something for nothing? 

Or even better, with a group of friends on a Bar Crawl, you buy one big round at a bar and if the number of bars matches the number of people, you may not see another check again for the night. 

Now think about how many Facebook friends you have and how much that network will multiply with DrinkCoin. It's like you are always on a Virtual Bar Crawl with all of your friends. They might buy you a drink in your sleep. You don't have to wake up if you don't want to. You don't have to go to the bar right this second. But when you do, there it is.

It's more free drinks for all of us, more sales for bars that they would not have gotten otherwise and everyone wins.


What if Bars and/or People Don't Participate?

The world is not so round. There will be that guy or gal who won't return the favor, but that's on them. And I'm guessing you won't be buying them a drink again any time in the near future, if they never reciprocate.

Also, maybe the bar doesn't want to take your DrinkCoin. Could happen, especially in the early days when we are still changing the world one bar and DrinkCoin at a time. Whoever that Bar Manager is that breaks the chain and doesn't like FREE MONEY, well, they might just get that proverbial karma bird turd right in their Skinny Latte. 

You might love that bar, but maybe head on down the line where they care about what you want and visualize how awesome of a future it would be if we all had DrinkCoin at our fingertips.

Anyway, so that's the DrinkCoin world as we imagine it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

DrinkCoin is still in development and evolving with every new day. It's pretty awesome as it is, but we are open to suggestions. Don't hesitate to hit us up. It's your DrinkCoin too.